Lettera C

Opera citylights n°: 110140
Descrizione Opera: lettera “C”, carattere tipo “Sans Serif Minuscolo”
Provenienza: da insegna “CONFEZIONI”
Periodo di produzione: anni ’70/’80 circa 
Materiali: fronte in PMMA rosso, bordo in alluminio rosso, retro in forex
Dimensioni: h 42,00 cm, l 42,00 cm, p 9,00 cm
Illuminazione: frontale, tramite LED bianchi

Citylights artistic works are luminous bodies from disused original advertising signs, therefore may show imperfections due to the signs of the time. The lighting is generated by LED 12V powered by transformers to be connected to your home network to 220V. Any intervention for maintenance or repairs should be performed by qualified personnel.